Local Business Tax

The Business Tax Department handles the processing of new business license applications and renewal of current business licenses.

What is a Business Tax?
The Local Business Tax is a tax for engaging in or managing any business, profession or occupation within the Village of Virginia Gardens. A business tax is required, pursuant to local and state laws, to operate a business from a commercial or residential location. A business tax license is valid from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. Courtesy reminders are mailed, prior to expiration, to remit payment for renewal. Your license is mailed once payment is received. The LBT license must be posted in a conspicuous place and visible to public inspection.
Who needs to pay a Business Tax?
Anyone operating a business within the Village is required to obtain a Local Business Tax. A business needs to pay a business tax, PRIOR to operating a business from a commercial or residential location. Please contact the Business Tax Office for more details.
Where can I obtain Business Tax application?
The application can be downloaded from the links below or obtained at Village Hall.
Local Business Tax Receipt Application

Obtain DERM: Please contact Village Hall to receive the application for your Occupational License to submit to DERM. https://www.miamidade.gov/Apps/RER/EPSPortal

Fire License needed: Miami-Dade County Fire Department - Life Safety Inspection requirements Obtain Fire Inspection Report: https://www.miamidade.gov/global/permit.page?Mduid_permit=per1518190923457614

Please be advised that you must get DERM approval on our applications and have the fire inspection report before submitting your paperwork to the city. We will not accept your applications if these conditions have not been met.
Local Business Tax Updates
How do I know if a business is allowed to operate in Virginia Gardens?
You can locate the address of your proposed business on our zoning map (link below) and determine which zoning district you are in. A complete list of allowable uses for each zoning district is available for free at: https://www.municode.com/library/fl/virginia_gardens/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=PTIICO_CH16ZOLADERE_ARTIIILAUSTYDEIN_3.2LAUSDI